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Courtney Braun Named General Counsel at Endeavor Client Rep Group; Michelle Walter Promoted to CFO at WME

Lloyd Braun, president of Endeavor Client Group and WME chairman, announced today that Courtney Braun has been promoted to general counsel for Endeavor Client Representation Group and Michelle Walter has been elevated to chief financial officer at WME. Both appointments are effective immediately.

“Courtney and Michelle have been indispensable members of WME for years, serving as trusted advisors to our clients and colleagues on a range of business matters,” Lloyd Braun said in statement. “Courtney’s combination of strategic thinking and sound judgment uniquely suit her to the legal complexities of the representation business. Michelle’s operational mindset and forward-thinking approach have

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The best arts picks for May to July, from live music and theatre to comedy and art exhibitions

Top left clockwise: Nicholas Daley (Slygo), ballet dancer, Anoushka Shankar, Ian McKellen, Emma Stone as Cruella, and Dan from Bastille (David Hockney art background)

(Zoe Lower/iStock/Dee McCourt/Disney/Getty/PA)

Many of us have stared wistfully at our diaries and our phone calendars over the last year, crossing off or deleting the cultural events that didn’t happen. The gigs that got moved, the art shows cruelly curtailed. The indefinitely postponed West End play starring Timothée Chalamet, whose poor, gasping fans didn’t get to gasp after all. So it’s blissful, comforting and genuinely joy-making to start filling those diaries up again.

We haven’t yet

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The films, gigs, plays, exhibitions and comedy shows arriving as lockdown eases

Les Misérables: The Staged Concert returns to the West End in June

(Getty Images / Lionsgate)

Now lockdown is easing, the landscape for culture is rapidly taking shape.

It’s been more than a year since cinemas, theatres and music venues closed their doors for the first time, but with the announcement of a roadmap to relaxing guidelines, these establishments are preparing to resume business next month.

Many artists and event organisers have taken the plunge and announced shows for later this year meaning that concerts, comedy shows and exhibitions will be taking place as normal.

Meanwhile, numerous high-profile films are

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Dolly Ave Brings a Playful Spirit to Advertising Photography

All images by Dolly Ave. Used with permission.

As a teen growing up in Sikeston, Missouri, Dolly Ave could be found exploring her surroundings with a camera. She ventured into lesser-known urban landscapes, capturing youth culture from the inside-out. There, she found a community of artists and creatives, spending every free moment she could behind the lens. Always one for the spontaneous rather than the staged, her style developed in the streets more than in the studio. She quickly built a reputation for intimate, colorful photos with a splash of personality.

By 2017, her career had skyrocketed. At just 22

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‘To photograph yourself in sensual lingerie, you have to have self irony’

Helena Christensen – Coco de Mer

Helena Christensen is worried about her Zoom angles. “I can’t hold my phone up in that nice position where you don’t show… you know,” she adjusts, raising her arm to a higher spot. “Otherwise you will have a complete view up [from below my chin] and we all know that is not a nice angle.”

The supermodel, 52, needn’t worry. She looks incredible, lounging around at her New York home wearing a vintage pink lace camisole slipdress, her skin freshly tanned from a holiday in the Bahamas.

We’re video calling to speak, specifically,

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Destination Trip
BBQ Road Trip: Stanley’s Famous Pit Bar-B-Q Has Been A Barbecue Destination For Over 60 Years

click to enlarge

It’s all in the name; at Stanley’s Famous Pit Bar-B-Q it doesn’t take long for a line to gather.

Chris Wolfgang

After spending last year at home, we’re ready to gas up the car and go somewhere. BBQ Road Trip is a series in which we take a day trip to visit barbecue spots outside of Dallas just in time for summer road trip season.

Point of order: Interstate 20 doesn’t go through Tyler. It skirts north of the city, so saying the interstate delivers anything more than a

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Travel Agency
Airbnb Stock Has Been Under Pressure. The Case for Investing Now.

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stock has had a rough year. Shares of the short-term room and house rental marketplace are down 5% since December and 37% since peaking in February, amid investor anxiety about how lingering Covid issues will affect consumer travel plans. For intrepid investors, opportunity appears to be knocking.

On Thursday, BTIG analyst Jake Fuller raised his rating on Airbnb shares (ticker: ABNB) to Buy from Neutral, with a target price of $170. He notes that in the same period that the stock has been selling off, estimates have been ratcheting higher. 

Airbnb stock is down 0.6%, at

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Lawyer barricaded herself in quarantine hotel room after security guard harassment

A lawyer was forced to barricade herself in her quarantine hotel room after being harassed by a security guard, it has emerged.

Brittany Dodds, 26, was bombarded with Facebook messages from the guard during her stay in the Radisson Blu Edwardian hotel at Heathrow. 

The South African lawyer ignored the messages and said she did not raise a complaint out of fear it could “provoke him”.

On the evening of her fourth day of quarantine she used her bags to barricade the door after he sent a message saying, “this evening I’ll come”, the BBC reported. 

The following day the

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Cuba Protests: Political Freedom Requires Economic Freedom

A Cuban flag and an image of Cuba’s late President Fidel Castro hang on a wall in Havana as people head to Revolution Square for a massive tribute to Castro in 2016. (Alexandre Meneghini/Reuters)

Like all forms of oppression, communism and democratic socialism belong in the dustbin of history.

We may be witnessing the end of Communism in Cuba. On July 11, thousands of Cubans took to the streets to protest the island’s appalling political and economic conditions. Some media outlets are trying to spin these as “COVID protests” rather than a general rejection of government domination. The cries

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Definition Entertaiment
Review: ‘Snake Eyes’ doesn’t play its cards right


This image released by Paramount Pictures shows Takehiro Hira in a scene from “Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins.” (Niko Tavernise/Paramount Pictures via AP)


Henry Golding has undeniable screen presence. He’s handsome, sure. Lots of actors are. But Golding also has that effortless charisma that the biggest movie stars possess. It’s no wonder that he was catapulted from relative, travel show host obscurity to film fame with just one role in “Crazy Rich Asians” and that his name often pops up as a fan choice for the next James Bond. If the powers in Hollywood don’t mess it

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Technology Definition
Emmer introduces legislation to provide certainty for digital assets under securities law | Free

Recently, Congressman Tom Emmer (MN-06) introduced the bipartisan Securities Clarity Act with Reps. Darren Soto and Ro Khanna to provide a clear definition of assets like digital tokens and other emerging technologies under current securities laws. The measure utilizes a technology-neutral approach to remain adaptable to future innovations.

Emmer’s legislation provides a solution for individuals who have complied with existing securities registration requirements, or who have qualified for an exemption but, after meeting these requirements, innovative entrepreneurs may distribute their asset to the public without fear of additional regulatory burdens. These assets are in fact, and always were, commodities.


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